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When Hate Has Dominion

by Tempest

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    Our debut album - years of dedicated work. Recorded, mixed and edited by us, entire CD-Layout self-made, even assembled by hand by the band themselves!
    Hailed to by Thrash-Metal Fans from all over the world, this little piece of music is hopefully set to be an underground classic soon!

    If this is not underground, nothing is!

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Wake up at night again with fear in my mind Thought i was throught with it - left it behind Into the abyss I was led once again Memories that i've forgotten since then Reliving times when i was left all alone no hope was given and nowhere was home Never can shift upon the burden from me Drained by my hate and fear for all to see |Chorus| Tried to forget Tried to forgive But all my time i had no chance to live I cannot run I cannot hide I cant deny that my soul it had died Father, he dragged me out of the bed and he said "Child, dont tell mother, or you will regret" then he began with his sadistic torment massive abusion - no love no relent Breaking apart as i was drifting through hate I cannot take it no more - I cant wait Know what to do and nobody can stop me now I'll have my vengeance - I will take you down! I hate - no trust - my sanity's lost Can't contemplate - revenge at all cost! |Chorus| I can't forget I can't forgive As you took hope so will I take your life Take your last glimpse Take your last breath You gave abusion so i'll give you death Now that I have you in my might - bow to your knees You'll pay back every moment of my agony I'll crush your bones - I'll crush your pride - I'll seal your fate In your last moments you shall feel my endless hate! I have been forsaken all my life! I will never have the chance to live! Solo - Piris
Take a look up to the sky Prepare yourself for death - without knowing why Bombing planes and rolling tanks To take in our home our freedom and life Marching drums and blazing guns All ready for the kill - high water or hell! Roaring sounds and screams in vain They execute our women, children and men |Chorus| Why is this happening? A maddened state has gone insane Scorching death - 'til none is left To persecute us all The human infamy Philosophy of endless gain To crush the growth of evil seed Our greed we must defeat Ignorant you lived your life You always thought that you could run from the strife Contemplate your dreadful fate As soon you realize you know it's too late Listen to the tolling bell You're left all by yourself - your own living hell Understand - the reason why For hypocritic greed we're all left to die |Chorus| Take a look back to the sky And tell me once again you surely won't die Bombing planes and rolling tanks They've taken our homes, our freedom and life Marching drums and blazing guns Are forging our land with death at their hand Roaring sounds of screams in vain The killing will not end until we repent |Chorus| |Chorus| 1st Solo - Schaefer 2nd Solo - Piris
Tempest 04:06
I'll take you down Now face impending doom Locked in this cage Of stricken thoughts and fear and rage All I want is just to break out of my cell Devote my powers to break out of my hell |Chorus| Let the tempest rise You wont take my life I will end this strife I will pull the strings and take my fate in my own hand! Left all alone Forsaken at the gates With nothing left A perfect victim - death awaits I cast you out of my thoughts to live my will I have a whole life-plan left to be fulfilled |Chorus| Feel my will come back Ready for attack Push my fears away - live life - And let the tempest rise! Never let them fears just overtake your mind Stay strong and take control over your fate Always wake your eyes for what may lie behind Don't waste your time to live in fear nor hate 1st Solo - Piris 2nd Solo - Schaefer 3rd Solo - Piris 4th Solo - Schaefer
Dictocracy 03:45
Political system dying The martyrs of freedom crying The ultrafashistic rises A movement was born by crisis Aggression and pride is rising It seems to be mezmerizing The governments feed the tension And lift it up to ascension |Chorus| Dictocracy Mistake indoctrination For a righteous revolution Economic execution Dictocracy Lives by manipulation Justify the great invasion Calling it retaliation Impirial might is falling The thunder of wrath is calling Inflicting the fear and horror The innocent feel the terror When nations are torn by conflict The screaming of guns - they roar When freedom is lost by constrict We never can gain by war |Chorus| |Chorus| 1st Solo - Schaefer 2nd Solo - Piris
Late night news on every screen All I hear - their ghastly scream Homelands torn by frightening war In fear of death fled to the shore Helpless, frightened - hope for life They're condemned to wait for death As their boats sink to the ground They realize - to death their bound Casualties accelerate While societies torn by hate Bad or Good or Wrong or Right? Conflicts to distract our sight |Chorus| Kill their dreams Hear their screams Drowned in the mediterranean No regrets No remorse No help when Hate has Dominion No one lends a helping hand But instead in hate we brand them sucker, sponge and parasite Cast them 'way and bring them fright Taste the blood upon your hand and stick your head into the sand Close your eyes and shut your ears and live indoctrinated fears Shouting crowd "We are the pack!" Justify their brute attack Blinded by hypocrisy Hates concedes atrocity |Chorus| |Chorus| Solo - Piris


The debut-album of TEMPEST, Thrash-Metal from Aachen, Germany


released July 7, 2018

Phillipe Piris, Marco Schaefer, Gabor Franyo


all rights reserved



Tempest Aachen, Germany

Playing punchy, straight into the face Thrash Metal aggressively as it's meant to be, this quartett from Aachen, Germany is ready to shellshock you with their razor-sharp riffing, catchy hooklines and fistful of Metal sound!

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